This is a place steeped in history. Where every detail stirs the imagination, and stories flow freely from every corner, conversation and delicious cup of handcrafted coffee.  

Like the iconic North Denver neighborhood we call home, this place has a rich and robust history that's filled with plenty of heart, grit and good old-fashioned character. Long before it was a coffee house, this building was known for a different kind of brew—Coors beer, to be exact. Opened as a combination live theater and bar in the early 1900s, the Coors family held performances here to draw in customers who would then buy their beer, making it the first place Coors sold its product outside its bottling facility. Years later, during the Prohibition era, the neighborhood became the center of liquor-running, speakeasies and other less-than-legal activities. Locals who grew up in the area say the building took a somewhat notorious turn during that time, becoming a haven for gambling, gangsters, and yes, back-alley boxing brawls—the inspiration for our name and logo.    

Whether this is your first time here or you are a Black Eye regular, we invite you to take some time to look around and savor the surroundings. You'll find there's a lot to see and plenty to enjoy. So stop by, get comfortable and drink in the character of this one-of-a-kind place.  

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