Some of our best features are unexpected finds. 

We know that some of the most exceptional treasures are often hiding in plain sight, just waiting for the right place and opportunity to shine. That simple belief has fueled our appreciation for the vintage furniture and one-of-a-kind details that have come to define our unique space and eclectic style.

And now, that same belief is inspiring a new feature that promises to add yet another unexpected dimension to our café—pop-up events. Spanning just a few hours or an entire day, these one-of-a-kind events create a unique platform for local artists and entrepreneurs to showcase their talents, work and services in front of exceptional customers like you.  

Want to be our next great find? 

If you’re interested in hosting your own pop-up event, send us an email at michelle@drinkblackeye.com with a brief description of your event idea and your desired date(s). (Please note that we do recommend providing two to three dates in case your first option is already taken.)

Harley & Brooke Rehearsal 13.jpg